29 June 2008

Rolling over and geysers

My son has finally perfected rolling from tummy to back. He previously could only roll from back to tummy, and, much to his dismay, could not get back. Until now. Now he can do it with ease. He still doesn't like tummy time, though, and prefers to roll over to his side or back. He has also figured out he can roll to get to places and things he wants to discover. Let the baby proofing begin!

So, all of the rolling around happened yesterday. Today, we had our first stomach virus. This morning we had two occasions of geyser o' vomit. Poor little man. He's doing much better now after some Pedialyte and rest.

Photo is courtesy of flickr user TFDuesing and used via the Creative Commons Attribution License.


Ryan said...

Hey Cynthia, there is some bad gastroenteritis going around. Yesterday we took Eliza to the ER for re-hydration via iv after a three day barforama. It seems to be over now, but man that was bad.

Roll on brother, roll on.

BabyBoy said...

Hi Ryan. Thanks for the encouragement. I love my roly-poly time now. My tummy is feeling better too and I'm starting to drink more milk. Hope Eliza gets better soon.