10 December 2009

How I warm tortillas

Anyone who loves Mexican food loves a fresh warm tortilla. And if you aren't fortunate to get homemade tortillas every time, you might suffer from the dilemma of how to warm a tortilla so that it is still warm and pliable. I learned how to warm tortillas from my mother, who to this day probably still warms her tortillas directly on the burner. I did it this way for many years too, but I found that it dries out the tortilla. I personally hate a dry tortilla cracking and spilling its contents. I'm not a definitive source on tortillas, but this is what has worked for me in my experience.

Flour tortillas. Wrap the tortillas in a damp paper towel, and reheat in the microwave.

Corn tortillas. You can do the same trick with the damp paper towels, but I find that sometimes tacos made from these corn tortillas will still break. Lately I have been using a new trick. In a skillet, heat a small amount of vegetable oil. I use extra virgin olive oil. Spread the oil with a spatula. Then place the first tortilla in the skillet. Then flip it over and put a second tortilla on top. Then flip again and place a third tortilla, etc. Continue in this manner so that all sides are evenly coated with the oil and heat through. If there is too much oil after reheating, just dry the tortilla with a paper towel.

Hope that helps with your tortilla eating adventures!

09 December 2009

Mickey hat

We have rediscovered this knit Mickey hat and decided to model in the mirror.

08 December 2009

San Antonio Turkey Trot 2009

I went into this 4 mile race not really knowing that much about it. Like, for instance, I thought that this was a road race. It was actually a race through a wooded park. So most of the race was on paved trail wide enough for 3 or 4 runners. Some bits were not paved at all. At one point in the first mile, I overheard someone say, I didn't know that this was a single-file race. I had to chuckle because it was true. It was a bit difficult in the first mile as runners sorted out where they belonged with regards to pace. Supposedly, we were to line up by pace, but it was difficult to hear what was going on, so I, like most people just walked up to the starting area without regards to pace at all. But it was a pleasant, if cold, run through the woods in San Antonio. I ran the whole way except for at the two water stations. I'm not a fast runner and my goal is always to finish the race, but I'm happy with my time as well (43:38).

07 December 2009

Goodbye, La Princesa

From Little Man Aug 2009

La Princesa, like most of our other cats, strayed into our lives and into our hearts. She was probably already an old girl when we met, but we are not sure. She was a very playful and friendly kitty, and our little man loved her very much.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to La Princesa. She had run away from home about 3.5 weeks ago, but came back to us Friday night, the coldest night this season. We had worried about her and looked for her and were so glad to see her again. We tried to help her this weekend, but she was very sick, and at last we decided it was the best thing to let Princesa go.

She loved to hang out at the little man's bathtime, so here is a photo to remember her.

From Little Man Aug 2009

05 December 2009

Haircut by Mama, pajamas by Sesame Street

A few weeks ago, I decided to save $15 at the barber's and cut the little man's hair myself. It was a good thing, because that was 20 minutes of non-stop screaming. I, of course, can see all of the crooked spots, but overall, I think it turned out fine. Here he is post-haircut and bath, and sporting his new Elmo pajamas, which he loves.