31 August 2009

Too close!

This is why I don't post too many videos anymore. My son is very aware of the camera and gets too close!

23 August 2009

Haircut and watching Norm

New haircut.

And watching New Yankee Workshop with Mama D.

20 August 2009

09 August 2009

19 months

The little man is now into bubbles, Elmo and stars. He was actually getting into stars at the 4th of July. He knows other shapes from our little shape sorter toy, but I think he is only able to say star. And bubbles he is pretty keen on as well. He loves to blow bubbles outside. Lately, though, it has been too hot to play outside. So we started giving him bubble baths which he loves. Even if he doesn't want to take a bath, I can talk him into it with the promise of bubbles. Elmo is a relatively new development, as in just a few days ago, he started saying Elmo (Ehmo, Ehmo, Ehmo!). We have a Sesame Street t.v. remote control with pictures on the number buttons. We say what each picture is, including the car, kitty, guitar, rocketship, and ball. It also has Ernie, Bert, Oscar, and of course Elmo. Something just clicked in him in the last few days, and he started saying Elmo a lot. Yesterday we went to Walmart, and decided to get him an Elmo plush doll, an Elmo book, and an Elmo DVD. He is just now getting interested in the t.v. He doesn't really watch more than 5 minutes at a time, but the DVDs have really helped me distract him long enough to trim his nails (which was always a weekly battle). I've also noticed of late that he is really getting in the manipulative toys and working on his fine motor skills. He likes to play with the shape sorter, and he also likes to pull apart and put together his Lego blocks. And of course, we think he is such a sweetheart. :-)