27 June 2008

Music videos for headdress lovers

A couple of my favorite videos on YouTube are curious in that they are both from award shows and they both are Native American-themed in the costuming.

The first is a Paulina Rubio performance from Los Premios Billboard. The song is "Algo Tienes" which is one of my favorites by her. She makes a grand entrance on a flat bed truck. Un truco (a trick), no doubt, but exciting nonetheless. She also gets props for wearing a "Don't Mess With Texas" t-shirt. But the significance of the headdress mystifies me.

The second is an awesome OutKast performance from the Grammys. This video is totally outlandish. The narrator describes the year 2999. There is some kind of teepee/spaceship that lands and out comes Andre 3000 and a bunch of backup dancers all dressed in Native American wear. The marching band (University of Southern California?) at the end of the performance is also a nice touch.

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