30 December 2008

The slabs are done!

While we were out of town for the holidays, the concrete was poured for our new addition and our new storage building.

Here is the slab for the addition on the back of the house:

And here you can see the slab for the storage building in the back.

21 December 2008

Home improvement project under way

This is from a few days ago. This is the preparation to pour concrete for a new addition on the back of our house. They actually finished the rebar yesterday, so it is more complete than this picture shows. We should be getting the concrete poured tomorrow.

18 December 2008

Giant ball o' bags

This is why I like working downtown. You sometimes see weird stuff like this. I took this at 7th and Congress on my lunch break today. Some guy was pushing around this giant ball o' bags. Taken from my cell phone (which is not an iPhone).

17 December 2008

Hey, who is that guy?

Last weekend, D's woodwind quintet played at the Lutheran Social Services annual Christmas party. Every year Santa is there, so J got a few pics of BabyBoy with Santa. Although, BabyBoy is not so sure about this guy with the big beard and hat.

15 December 2008

Shopping with BabyBoy

It's been a while since I've blogged, due to illness. Here is a photo I took with D's new iPhone yesterday afternoon outside of the Super Target. And it was a super big Target, by the way.