25 August 2008

Trip to Corpus Christi

Saturday, we went to Corpus Christi. Here's BabyBoy in the car seat, holding his bottle all by himself. He did really well for the long car ride.

Here is the memorial to Selena:

And here we are at the waterfront:

20 August 2008

I'm excited....

because my family will be visiting tomorrow!

18 August 2008

My first car

My mom found a Polaroid of me washing my first car, a 1990 Toyota Corolla. I remember she made me wash it on the lawn in order to conserve water.

17 August 2008

Pool party

Yesterday we went to our friend's house for a little pool party and fun.

15 August 2008

Cool treadmill video

I'm still resting and recuperating. Here is a cool video that I like. I like the video, but I don't really know anything about the band.

14 August 2008

11 August 2008

Sewing machine

I haven't been online or posting much because I'm still resting and recovering from shingles. But I wanted to show the new sewing machine that D got at an estate sale. The guy at the local Singer shop said it was from 1924.

08 August 2008

My back itches....

We've all been under the weather here, hence the lack of posting. D and BabyBoy both have colds, and I have shingles. I didn't really know what it was, until yesterday. And I can thank my childhood chicken pox for it. I'm quite fatigued and I have a lovely rash on my back that not only itches, but hurts a lot too. So, when we went to Taco Bell for a quick bite to eat today, I thought my hot sauce packet had an appropriate and timely message.

06 August 2008

Teddy Bear Bat

My son's teddy bear is drying after being washed. D says it looks like a bat. We actually have two of them, one for home, one for school. Sent from my cell phone.

05 August 2008

Brandenburg Gate

From a different angle than you usually see it. Taken 21 November 2005.

04 August 2008

Sitting up and first boo boo

The last couple of nights, BabyBoy has been sitting up in his crib. We never see how he gets to the sitting position. But at school, his teacher said he had been doing it a lot today. And five minutes before I got there, he had done a face-plant on the tile and now has his first boo boo. You can see it right above his left eye.

And here is the whole family:

03 August 2008

It's too hot to...

...paint our cabinet doors and drawers. I thought I could do it quickly enough, but the paint is too tacky in this heat and humidity. By the way, I stopped when it got to be 100 degrees around 2 p.m. I'm still feeling drained from the heat.

The Saxidentals

Yesterday, the Saxidentals (my saxophone quartet) had our first practice this year. I had stopped playing saxophone late last year because I was too pregnant and too tired to play the baritone saxophone. BabyBoy was taking up too much space for my lungs. So, finally, yesterday, everyone came over just as BabyBoy was finishing his nap. I put him in his high chair near me while we practiced. He seemed very interested and engaged. Later, he started to get a little bored and and a little tired of being in the high chair (it's vinyl and he starts to sweat), so I put him in the playpen to play a bit as we finished up rehearsal. He did so well! We will rehearse again next Saturday. I will have to find a little time to practice my own part before then. But now I know my son loves saxophone music.

01 August 2008

Floor time

My son playing on the floor. Taken by my cousin last weekend.