01 June 2008

Birth certificates

I just received my son's birth certificates this week. I know, I know, he's almost 5 months old, but I finally got around to ordering them about 4 weeks ago. Anyways, just had to mention that with all of the fees I just paid for them, they could have changed the ink on the printer--the printing is faint and light!

Oh well, now I can go about obtaining his passport, now that I have his birth certificate and photos.


rocky said...

Pass port photos? Hmmmm, is the passport still good for ten years? with the same photo?

Spica said...

No, if you are 15 years or younger, your passport is only valid for 5 years. If you are 16 years or older, it is valid for 10 years.

I know it seems strange, but infants must now have a passport. And I know he will look very different in the next five years from the picture I had taken at 4 months of age. But those are the rules! :-)