11 June 2008

On vacation

I'm excited to be taking a week-long vacation to visit family in California now that I'm in between jobs. Traveling with a 5 month old on an airplane for the first time will also definitely be an experience. We have been strategizing for weeks now. Do we check in the car seat and stroller frame? (Yes.) Do we buy 2 seats or 3 seats? (2 seats.) Do I nurse or take the easy way out and bottle-feed? (Bottle-feed. My son is quite the noisy, arm-waving nurser, making it difficult to cover up and be discreet.) Do I take the electric pump or manual pump? (Manual.) How many diapers, clothes, burp cloths, toys, etc. do we take? (Whatever clothes, burp cloths and toys we can fit in the suitcase, but buy diapers when we get there.)

I plan to also try to keep up with daily posting to this blog. I'll have internet access, and I also figured out how to blog from my mobile phone. Yay, I'm a geek!

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