15 July 2008

Summer days

Just a few things to update. My new job starts next Monday, so I feel like my summer is winding down. I'm trying to fit in a few more things this week, like taking BabyBoy to the pool this morning. He did well. We actually stayed in the water for 45 minutes, an improvement over last week.

This afternoon, I finally started priming my kitchen cabinets for painting. I say finally, because I took the doors off the cabinets about 4 years ago. I figure BabyBoy will be crawling soon, so, I need to finish what I started long ago and get these cabinets done! Please add your encouragement to the comments area so I can accomplish this before he is mobile!

Speaking of BabyBoy, we finally found a vegetable that he likes to eat. He didn't like sweet potatoes nor green beans, but he does like peas. He also likes apples, but the pediatrician prefers we stick to vegetables first. I'm just happy that he likes something green.

Photo by flickr user Faeryan and used by the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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