31 July 2008

How I track my fitness walking

Since I started my fitness training this week (and that includes fitness walking, or what I sometimes call power walking), I thought I'd share what I use to track my walks.

About.com: Walking
is a great resource for walking for fitness or sport. I like keeping track of my distances and times with a handy spreadsheet that they have. You can download it or any of the logging tools they have on their Track Your Walks page.

It's easy for me to track my time. I usually just use the clock or timer on my cell phone. How do I know how far I've walked? I used to drive my car along the route, but that doesn't always work if you cut through parks. Now I like to use MapMyRun. It's integrated with GoogleMaps. You can plot and save different runs. And you can switch between map and satellite view, which is helpful for plotting the course that cuts through a park.

Photo by vortistic and used via the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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