21 July 2008

People I know in recent news

A couple of people I know have made appearances in the media.

First, today was my first day at my new job at Phurnace Software. And in today's Tech Monday section of the Austin American-Statesman was an article about Phurnace's venture backing and an interview with our CEO Larry Warnock. (I had a good first day at work, by the way.)

Second, a musician buddy of mine from my rock 'n' roll days, Neil Curran, was also in the American-Statesman a few days ago. This article was promoting his second appearance on TLC's Flip This House. I knew Neil back when he was in the Dead End Cruisers and I was in Stretford. I watched the special hour-long show, Flip This House: Diary of a Flip, last Saturday night, and it was pretty good. If you can catch a re-run, you should. Interesting side-note: Neil's new band, The Score, has 3 out of 4 Dead End Cruisers, and the fourth guy was the bass player from Stretford.

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