16 February 2009

First haircut

The last few days have made me think about how much my son has grown, and how, at the same time, he is still just a baby. He has had a fever for four days, which he finally broke today. The first evening of his illness, he was just whimpering and miserable and wanting to be rocked to sleep. I haven't rocked him to sleep in a while, so, I was thinking that this felt really nice. My son is not really a cuddly kind of person. He gives great hugs, and does show lots of affection for me and D, but he doesn't really like to cuddle. He is a man of action. He hugs and then he is off doing something else. Anyways, I hadn't cuddled and rocked him to sleep in quite a long while, and it was something I had missed. However, the five other times I had to get up in the middle of the night to comfort him and rock him to sleep left me exhausted, and reminded me of when he was a one month old. I didn't miss the exhaustion.

Yesterday, despite being feverish and rashy, his abuela (my mother) gave him his first haircut. I had envisioned that maybe we would only get bangs and one side done in the first sitting. But he was actually very good during the whole thing. He didn't sit totally still, but still let us turn his head when needed. I think his haircut came out quite nice, and he looks like a handsome one year old now, much more mature.

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