04 November 2008

Mr. Woodrum - The Truck Man

Guest blog by D:

We met Mr. Woodrum at the Sun Harvest Market when we stopped there on our way home to pick up something for dinner. We had never met him before and suddenly he was in front of us caught by BabyBoy's gaze. He took off his engineers hat and showed BabyBoy his lack of hair. He said he was 83 years old and his birthday is January 28 (or 20? I am pretty sure he said 28th). He is a great-grandfather. Right off the bat he asked if BabyBoy was a "Truck Man". BabyBoy was totally in awe. He just stared and stared, not quite knowing what to make of all of the to-do over him. I told him that BabyBoy was 9 months old and had not really discovered cars and trucks yet. But, this was about to change. Mr. Woodrum said that he made wooden toy trucks for kids. He said that he could not remember what it was he came to the store looking for, but that he had a truck in the car for BabyBoy - it was blue and he would be right back. While we filled our cart with baby food jars. In just a minute or two he came back bearing an awesome, hand made wooden dump truck with a hinged bucket and real rolling wheels - painted blue. He gave it to BabyBoy and he did not want to let go of it. Just as Mr. Woodrum had predicted. What a kind hearted man. He would only accept our thanks and then he headed off with a big grin as BabyBoy started to cry when we tried to get him to let go of it.

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