08 November 2008

I love my iPod shuffle

Recently, at work, the development team received iPod shuffles for delivering our latest major release. I have been listening to mine a lot now, and I love it. I let iTunes autofill the iPod shuffle, and then I can rediscover old music in my library.


Anonymous said...

Cool man, the iPod shuffle is a real good piece for biginners, non intrusive and small but if you want to do more with your ipod upgrade to the Chromatic Nano or the iPod touch. I just bought my iPod touch from http://store.ipodyourlife.co.in/Gift-an-iPod.aspx?channel=blogs, perhaps you want to visit it too

Spica said...

Yeah, the iPod Touch is certainly one I've looked at before. But since I got my Shuffle as a gift, I'm good for now.