07 December 2009

Goodbye, La Princesa

From Little Man Aug 2009

La Princesa, like most of our other cats, strayed into our lives and into our hearts. She was probably already an old girl when we met, but we are not sure. She was a very playful and friendly kitty, and our little man loved her very much.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to La Princesa. She had run away from home about 3.5 weeks ago, but came back to us Friday night, the coldest night this season. We had worried about her and looked for her and were so glad to see her again. We tried to help her this weekend, but she was very sick, and at last we decided it was the best thing to let Princesa go.

She loved to hang out at the little man's bathtime, so here is a photo to remember her.

From Little Man Aug 2009


Jean said...

So very sorry to hear that. She was a lovely girl.

rocky said...

La Princesa was the friendliest kitty I have known. So sorry to hear she will not be around anymore. Although she is gone, her fur will linger.