15 May 2009

Action, no action, and eating better

Star Trek was awesome. I saw it at the IMAX yesterday afternoon with work folks and D. I want to see it again. I won't give away anything about the movie, but it was a very clever way to refresh the movie franchise. If you are a Trekkie, no doubt you will see it. But I think even if you are not a Trek fan, you would enjoy it as well. Lots of action and adventure.

Not much action has been happening lately with the home improvement project. There has been a lot of waiting. We had some more cement poured in order to raise the floor level a little bit. So, we have been waiting a few weeks until that cured. I think next week we will see some more activity in the way of second coat of paint and floor installation. I'm really, really, really ready to get my house put back together a little. We still have most of the living room stuff in boxes, so things are not so accessible or ergonomic around here.

My favorite tweet of the week is from Sara Gilbert (of Rosanne fame):

Yeah, I do that too (the sneaking part). I don't want my son to see me eat any bad stuff like cookies (which he usually requests at least once a day). Not that I eat them a lot, but I try to be conscious of it. Most days, it seems all I can get him to eat is cereal. And sometimes fish sticks. He really likes fish sticks, but I myself can't eat that everyday. But it is funny how his favorite word is now "nah" and he uses it the most at meal time. I cannot get him to eat vegetables for the life of me. I know it is a common dilemma, though. However, I was very happy this morning to get him to eat a little papaya.

Hope you are all doing well, and eating well too!

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