14 April 2009

Taxes and imaginary things

I hope everyone had a swell weekend! Here are a few random odds and ends from over here deep in the heart of Texas.

I'm continually amazed at how my son's mind works. He has started doing this imaginary play thing where he pretends to scoop up something in his hand and then hands it to you. I'm not sure what age this type of play is typical (he's 15 months old now), but it is an amazing thing to see. He will also pretend to give his little teddy bear/blanket lovey to his big stuffed teddy bear.

He has also been quite particular about his clothing lately. He does not like it when his sleeves are tight around his arms. Sometimes even sleeves with a button on the cuff will cause him to protest. Then, this morning, he would not let me put on his left sock and shoe. Since I had an appointment to get to, I said, okay, let's hit the road. And then in the car, he started complaining that his left foot was bare, by pointing to it and pouting. Pretty adorable.

I finally finished filing my taxes this evening! I didn't really mean to wait until the last minute (technically, April 14th is not the last minute), but it somehow turned out that way. I had been fighting TurboTax for about a week with this rounding error. It was only a .09 difference, but I guess it's in my personality to want it to be correct. Well, I gave up, and filed it with the small error. TurboTax said my audit risk was low anyways. Let's hope so.

We got our house painted last week. It really is nice. I picked out the colors myself and it looks fabulous. (Of course, I'm not biased.) I will try to get some video or pictures up soon. (I've been busy with this rounding error.)

And lastly, the little man does not like ranch dressing.

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