29 March 2009

My 14 month old son tells fart jokes

Here is my latest video. It's not quite as fancy as the previous ones, because now I am trying to learn Final Cut Express, which is quite a step up from iMovie. All I have figured out thus far is importing the video, trimming the clips, and adding cross-dissolves between clips. But I have found a tutorial site for Final Cut Express, thanks to the power of twitter, of all things. So, hopefully I will get a chance to learn how to use it better.

So, this brings me to the subject matter of the video. It has been a week and a half since my son had the ear tubes put in his ears. I might have been anxious for results, but I feel like we could see a difference in his balance even that evening. We had rented an hotel room for a few nights because of the home improvement project. I had wanted a little bit of quiet and a much less dusty environment for his recuperation. He actually did very well, and we checked out of the hotel after only one night. As you can see in the video, he kept showing signs that he was tired, but he kept on playing and playing! The next part of the video was actually shot a few days ago.

We haven't noticed any new words yet. He says ga-ga for gato, ma for mas, ba-ba for ball/bottle/bye-bye, and car (for car). I am amazed that he can say a few really hard words, both related to his favorite foods. He can say cracka for cracker and yogur-gur-gur for yogurt. Imagine those both with a guttural r sound.

For what he can't say yet, he still finds ways to get his message across. Whether it's pointing or shrieking, he let's us know what he wants. His abuela would say, He's a communicator! He also has a sense of humor as well. He has been blowing raspberries for months. But the other day, he farted, and then blew a raspberry and giggled. This is not learned behavior, but rather, him telling a fart joke!

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rocky said...

It is great to see him walking and feeling better. I pray that the ear tubes will keep the infections away. Beautiful child!!