15 January 2009

Today is a new day!

Yesterday, I was laid off from my job at Phurnace Software. It was a short but good run at that startup company. It was a bummer to be laid off for a second time in less than a year. I guess that is the economy these days.

But today, I have a renewed sense of hope that something good is on the horizon. I worked on my resume last night, and I'm ready to hit the pavement running. Thanks for the nice thoughts and wishes friends and family have already sent me via email, phone, and Facebook.


Robert Reeves said...

Cynthia, when you get that resume updated, I have some folks to send it to. Ping me when you get that done.

We'll all miss you.


rocky said...

Glad to hear your optimistic remarks. Know that many are cheering for you and wishing you the very best. You deserve that and more!