03 August 2008

The Saxidentals

Yesterday, the Saxidentals (my saxophone quartet) had our first practice this year. I had stopped playing saxophone late last year because I was too pregnant and too tired to play the baritone saxophone. BabyBoy was taking up too much space for my lungs. So, finally, yesterday, everyone came over just as BabyBoy was finishing his nap. I put him in his high chair near me while we practiced. He seemed very interested and engaged. Later, he started to get a little bored and and a little tired of being in the high chair (it's vinyl and he starts to sweat), so I put him in the playpen to play a bit as we finished up rehearsal. He did so well! We will rehearse again next Saturday. I will have to find a little time to practice my own part before then. But now I know my son loves saxophone music.

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